GROWTH: a 6 letter word and also the mindset worth adopting



If you are still unfamiliar with Carol Dweck’s work on mindset, you may need to come out of the cave you’ve been hiding in. I’ll give you my own take on the growth mindset and what it means to me.

  1. Grasp the essentials of a “growth” mindset. Your brain is plastic and has the ability to evolve. By practicing and putting effort into your tasks, you can continue to learn and grow. Don’t forget that your brain cannot multitask – so, one thing at a time!
  2. Reward yourself with more challenge. When you label yourself, or someone else labels you, as smart you tend to have the “fixed” mindset which leads to becoming complacent and taking the easy way out. As you succeed at the simpler tasks, reward yourself with aiming higher or doing something outside your comfort zone. For me, it’s writing this blog. Regularly. 🙂
  3. Own your failures. Alina Tugend in her book Better by Mistake explains that acknowledging and identifying mistakes can lead us to lead happier and healthier lives. The fear of failure itself is what leads us to be less innovative and creative. Make mistakes, because that’s one of the best ways to learn.
  4. Who said you’re not good enough? If you tell yourself you’re not good enough, you will believe it. Give yourself a fighting chance, take a risk and believe that you can do it.


  1. Talent decoded. There have been many authors that have debunked the myth that talent is innate. Chief among them is Daniel Coyle who, in The Talent Code, writes about the three essentials of “deliberate practice”:
    1. Deep Practice: Includes absorbing the material, breaking into chunks, slowing it down, rinsing and repeating.
    2. Ignition: Having (or creating) a passion that fuels (ignites) your fire and inspires you.
    3. Master Coaching: Someone to give an outside eye to what you are doing and encouraging you to keep challenging yourself.
  2. Health. Of course, in all of this, you have to realize that the investment in anything that you are doing affects your mind, body and spirit. Give yourself time to take a break, nourish yourself with healthy food and books, step away from media and immerse yourself in nature.


What are some of your growth mindset ideas and habits?

Adnan Iftekhar