The 1-step Process to Doing Anything



New years resolutions are funny.

I don’t mean funny, haha, just that it’s a very foreign concept to me; one that I didn’t grow up with. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve made some new years resolutions and I can say for a fact that whatever activity or lack of activity I committed myself to was promptly forgotten within that first month. If not sooner. There were a few, in fact, that didn’t even make it out the gate. I uttered the words “I will run more regularly” and two years went by before I even got rid of my hole infested shoes and invested in new ones. These days I run several times a week and don’t just pretend to enjoy it, I actually do enjoy it! So, what changed?


One of the biggest struggles I’ve had in my life, so far (well, at least the last decade or so) has been pontification. No, not knowing how to spell the word or knowing what it means, but the actual doing of pontification – or, in non-pontific speak, “telling people to do things in a haughty, pompous manner”. For instance, a few months back as my daughter was starting her summer adventures of camps and classes, we talked about things she would want to do outside of those scheduled times. One of my bright ideas was that she could practice her writing and starting a blog. My blog? Nonexistent. So, as I pontificated, a very small part of me was like, “Hey, wtf, man?” (Yes, that is how my internal “dude” talks to my external self). “You’re like saying stuff (he would probably use an expletive here) but not actually doing it – wth is wrong with you?!!??” (and yes, he uses several punctuation marks while gesticulating his arms wildly).

So, I started my blog. And, by “starting my blog”, I mean that I actually just went straight to blogspot, logged in with my google credentials, chose a random url, wrote my first blogpost and published it. Thirty minutes after my internal dude threatened me, I had written and published my blog.

Ok, here’s the step that was promised in the blogpost title above:


1. Do it.

That’s it, no more than that. Not taking action right now is the only thing stopping you from doing what you talk or commit to. No excuses, especially with the amount of resources we have at our disposal these days…

What’s your excuse?

Adnan Iftekhar