Try Something New: Introducing the Sirilogue (or is it the Siripost?)


One day, as my then 9 year old daughter was using the iPad to write on her blog, she complained that it was hard to find the right keys and was feeling stuck and frustrated. I, being the problem solver that I am, told her to use Siri to help her write her blog. Well, not actually write it, but to use the record function and translate that into words that could be published. (More on things I tell my daughter to do before I do them myself can be found here).

Now, several months later, I realized that I’d again told her to do something that I myself had not tried. So, I’ve decided to embark upon a journey to try something new. It’s part of the creative process. Well, I sure hope it is other wise all this talking to Siri is taking me nowhere fast. As I write this I’m also realizing that I’m probably not actually talking to Siri. I’m just talking into the microphone on the iPad. That just makes me sad, so I will pretend I never wrote those last few lines and will now just focus on the topic I chose: the sirilogue. It sounds so good, doesn’t it?

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I struggle with editing. Yes, I tend to be more of a perfectionist than I need to be. This results in me not being able to make as much “stuff” I would like to. Or at least I make fewer mistakes than I should (I know, I’m shoulding all over myself as I write this). So, not to ramble on too much, but making mistakes is really what makes us grow. Well, at least I grow when mistakes are made. By anyone. I ought to be huge by now. Maybe it’s just my ego that grows. Either way, mistakes will be made and growth will happen. The more mistakes, the more growth. If it’s a linear equation like that. Which I tend to think it is. So, back to being a perfectionist. I am one. I’ve said it twice now. Was that a mistake? Mistakes are good, right? Ok, enough rambling and getting back to the topic (you must notice by ow that I’m not editing this as much as I do my other blog posts – maybe I’m finding my voice?).


How do perfectionism and Siri meet? Well, for the next few blogposts (notice how committed I am by the number of blog posts I mention?) I will speak content on the iPad and publish it pretty much as is. I may make some paragraphs and correct some blatant Siri errors. Or, I may just let Siri run wild with what she thinks I said and let you, the reader, decide (decipher?) what I meant to say. It’ll be a Sirious study. It will also help me overcome my fear of making mistakes. Because of the whole growth thing I wrote about way too haphazardly above.

I invite you on the journey with me to try new things. In ways that I’ve told my daughter to try yet I haven’t tried as of yet.

What new thing are you trying today?

Adnan Iftekhar

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