Sirilogue #1: Choice


So, I’ll preempt this Sirilogue with just a little caveat or two. This is the first time that I have used the microphone on the iPad to record anything that was more than just a short test message. This happened early in the morning on September 25th, and my throat was a little raspy. My choice of words in this specific instance was probably not the best. I edited one thing (I changed along to alone). Chances are that Sirilogue #2 will be longer and hopefully a little more thought our. Or better yet, thought provoking. Here we go…

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Choice as I was teaching my yoga class yesterday said the words “you choose to be here”. This is very interesting to me as I was thinking about how choice is very much part of our lives we choose to be where we are what we are doing how we are doing it at any moment in our life’s. We choose to be educators, teachers, leaders, guides, whatever we choose to is our decision our decision alone. I choose right now to take this time to write or actually what I’m doing is using Siri to record what I’m thinking what I’m feeling what I’m experiencing at this moment. I’m taking this time to express this is the time that we have. Sure there’s certain things that are not under control for example whether it’s interesting here I am in California listening to the rainfall and hasn’t rained in 989 months at this moment. So, then we come to perspective. We can choose to look at things a certain way. Perspective on something is interesting because one person can look at something one way and view is it something positive where is another person can do the same exact thing if your something. And you can choose you can make that choice to have that thing that you’re looking at it as positive as you want to. Then it comes to the point where you look at something And make the decision make the choice to look at it in a positive way. Then I look at myself this morning as I woke up at 5 AM as I am done for the past three weeks on weekdays at least. And I decided to do exactly the opposite of what I have been doing the past few days. I checked email I went on Twitter I went on Facebook I’ve spent a lot of time doing the things that are “time wasting” activities. And that is okay. Because I chose to do it. And then I thought well now I can choose to create something or not. To those the two choices I gave myself simply do it or don’t. I’ve been writing a lot about doing it by just taking the action and doing it. And here I am again, choosing to do something choosing to create something. Today is also the first day that I will be teaching teenagers to conceptualize and launch their business in 10 weeks. This will be my chance to talk to students about taking action. I’ve been talking a lot about these things now it’s time for me to take action and put my money where my mouth has been. What are you choosing to create with your life today? 


As I reread what I sirilogued (yes, it’s a verb too) about there, I notice the perfectionist really start to come out and want to change things. I will listen to what I have said/written and choose to not do any more editing. I will let the experience speak (or read) for itself. Enjoy.


Adnan Iftekhar