Sirilogue #3: Two Ancient Relics You Can Do Without


This is the third installment of my “sirilogue” journey. My quest to make more effective use of my time by talking to Siri and creating content.

For those of you that have the 7 second attention span, the answer is TV and Radio. For those with a slightly longer attention span as well as an innate sense of curiosity and drive to learn what makes others (like myself) tick, read on… 🙂

TV is definitely one of the things that you can do without. If you look at the time that people have spent staring listlessly at a screen you’ll realize that that is just wasted time. There’s so many ways of utilizing that time in a much more productive manner. In essence watching TV means that you are consuming content, not only that but you are looking at something that somebody else has created and watching it (whether it’s giving you value or not) and doing it on some else’s schedule, and wastes time…

Watching TV:

1. Consuming content: If you’ve been reading my blog you know that I’m all about content creation. Well, at least more content creation than consumption. That being said, I do myself consume content but I consume the content I want to consume in the way that I want to consume it. Read on.


2. Consuming content that may not be of value: While watching TV, you may be subjected to advertisements, ticker tape (that line of extra news when watching the news), fancy flashing graphics, poorly created content, and so much more useless drivel. I argue that you can do the research online and watch the content that you want to watch that will provide something of value. Also, when watching content that is inappropriate, know that you have the power to turn it off!


3. Consuming content on someone else’s schedule: Why would I want to watch something at a specific time? Personally, I want to be more in control of my life and consume content on my own time, when I choose to do so. I know that there are DVRs, TiVo and what not but you still have to forward past those pesky commercials and interruptions that you are subjected to by the TV content creators.

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4. Wastes time: You’re going to flip the channel once in a while and be subjected to something you really did not want to see. You may be drawn in and watch that rerun of Full House or start getting wrapped up in another three hours of watching the second episode of Lord of the Rings. You get my drift: that clicker that allows you to just flip from one channel to another is just an easy way to get sucked in to even more staring at the screen time.

waste time

So, all that being said, I myself do consume TV type content and I do so watching Netflix, Hulu Plus, iTunes etc. This allows for moderated content consumption. Not to say that you can’t get sucked in and watch the whole second season of Orange is the New Black, but at least you can do it on your own time, you know what you are watching, you won’t be subjected to commercials and you won’t as easily be able to “switch the channel”.

For me I gave up TV a while back and to tell you the truth, I don’t miss it at all. If I want to consume content I want to be able to do it on my own schedule. I want to be able to go and see the things that I want to see, at the time that I want to see that. Also I am grateful to have someone in my life that likes to maintain a modicum of restraint while watching and consuming content. This gives me the help I need to be watch a couple of shows a week and gives me more time to be able to pursue a lot of other activities that I’d rather be doing, that I feel are so much more engaging of the mind of the spirit, like writing. Options that you have, instead of watching TV: like I’ve already mentioned Netflix, Hulu Plus, iTunes, and others but you can also pick up something called a book, whether it be on an iPad, tablet, or an actual physical book (do we still have these) and lay down or sit down and read it.

Ok, on to radio. I spend a decent amount of time in my car and I used to listen to a lot of radio. About six months ago, I started to realize that Radio is definitely just like TV. You are listening to someone’s else’s content on someone else’s time. You are consuming content that somebody you don’t know has created, which may be of poor quality, and provides little to no value to you. The alternative, really, is listening to podcasts. A podcast is basically like Radio on demand. You can listen to almost any topic that you could imagine, and listening to content that is created specifically for somebody like you and me. Somebody who is driving to work, going on a run, going for a hike, spending some time doing the dishes, waterer that may be. It’s meant to give you some food for thought. It’s meant to give you some time to reflect on other things than what you’re currently doing. Maybe listening to something that you’re interested in knowing more about, increasing your knowledge, increasing your worklife balance, improving the quality of your relationships, learning about education productivity and technology. The point is, that I I personally had had enough of listening to NPR talking about ISIS, ebola and other catastrophes that I should be worried about rather than taking this opportunity to grow and expand my mind.

The point of all of this that I’m trying to say is that simply put you have the choice to listen, to watch and to consume content on your own time at your own leisure. So, why would you be willing to sacrifice that and do something on somebody else’s time and on somebody else’s schedule? That’s it. Join me in giving up radio, and TV, for this next week and see how that affects your life. Let me know how it goes…

Adnan Iftekhar

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  1. Adnan
    I get your points, well made about our use of the gift of time and choosing how we wish to do it. That said, I want to disagree, respectfully about TV and radio, both of which I choose to use whenever I choose to use and am selective about the content even if someone else has created it. In fact, nature and art have been created by “someone” else, i.e. another source, so I must dismiss that argument as making TV and radio ancient relics. I like streaming radio that I sometimes use as background music on my computer and the programs or events that I choose on TV are for my own edification or pleasure. As a lifelong learner, and and ancient one, these two ancient relics still have much value, at least for me.