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Julie Lindsay

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“Teaching” and “entrepreneurship” might seem like different ideas. Not when Julie Lindsay is concerned… A globe-trotting educator and leader, Julie takes a different stance from traditional teaching methods to engage her students (and teachers). She lives in Ocean Shores in Northern NSW and primarily works as a consultant, workshop leader and a presenter.

In this podcast, she opens up with her journey as a teacher and her experience of working across continents; from Africa to Asia and the Middle East then back to Australia. Julie talks about the idea of “Flattening classrooms” and she has been phenomenal in inculcating technology based collaboration towards developing pedagogical applications for mobile devices and computers.

“People’s curiosity is limitless”

Julie believes in the power of curiosity, which helps people to share and collaborate on ideas. She finds it amazing to work with children and witness their intermingling, where they share everything with one another and in the process grows from within. The setting of a school may be different and then children may look different in another part of the world but at the end, they are “one” and carry similar elements within them.

“Focus on context rather than content”

According to Julie, one of the biggest challenges for global education is a departure from contextual education and more of an inclination towards content oriented learning. She stresses upon the importance of knowing the world and not just knowing your surroundings. Julie advocates for more autonomy in schools and classrooms and advocates the use of technology as the bridge towards a more holistic global education.

“Teacher-preneaur”– Changing definition of teachers

From being called “teachers”, individuals are evolving as “coaches” and “facilitators”. Julie coins the term “Teacher-preneaur” in her book, which is a very intriguing concept. In other words, this refers to an individual who stays in the classroom but drifts from traditional teaching methods, bringing in different methods of knowledge and wisdom to educate one and all.

“Classes are not flat anymore”

“Flat connections” which happens to be an initiative of Julie to bring educators under one platform defines the changing face of global education. Teachers get to work with hands-on projects that make them realize the actual labor involved. Speaking of flat classrooms, Julie thinks it’s the responsibility of a teacher to introduce the outside world to the classroom. In other words, the focus lies upon collaborative approach that facilitates deeper learning. One can find resource materials on the same idea at http://www.flatconnections.com/ . Also, there is a teacher community at http://flatconnections.net where teachers can join to seek advice.

Julie is the author of the book called, “Flattening Classrooms, Engaging Minds,” which she co-authored with fellow educator, Vicki Davis. She also heads Learning Confluence as the Director and founder of Flat Connections, Global Collaboration Consultant for THINK Global School, and Adjunct Lecturer for Charles Sturt University, Faculty of Education. She is currently completing her EdD with the University of Southern Queensland with primary focus on “Facilitation of social change through effective pedagogy for all around collaboration”.

As a young teenager, Julie found “The Grapes of Wrath” to be inspirational. If invited for a dinner with someone she admires, she would want it to be author and columnist Thomas Friedman, who was originally the inspiration behind “Flat Classrooms”.

You can reach Julie in the following ways:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/julielindsay
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/julielindsay
Website: http://www.flatconnections.com/flat-blog
Book: Flattening Classrooms, Engaging Minds

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