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Brad Currie

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Brad Currie is currently the Middle School Vice Principal and Supervisor of Instruction for Chester School District in New Jersey. Brad is extremely passionate about Personal Learning Networks (PLNs) and integrating Educational Technology and Social Media in the school setting. Beginning in 2001, he worked as a Middle School Social Studies and Computer Education Teacher for the Hanover Township School District in Whippany. He then shifted to administration in 2009 as a Middle School vice Principal/Athletic Director for the Readington Township School District in Whitehouse Station. Brad is also the author of the book called All Hands on Deck: Tools for Connecting Educators, Parents, and Communities.”

“The education world is definitely flat now with the evolution of Twitter and just being able to connect with people.”

Speaking at the NJPSA Conference in 2011, Brad had a chance to attend a session on PLN by Eric Sheninger and was deeply motivated to take the first step towards becoming a “Connected Educator”. Moving on, Brad found Twitter to be a great tool to share ideas with one and all. That he is one of the moderators of #Satchat on Twitter, resonates with the idea of using the social networking platform as a way to connect with like-minded people.

Taking about his bookAll Hands on Deck”, Brad places great emphasis on Eric Sheringer (who’s interview on the EPT Podcast will be featured on December 25th!) and his book “Digital Leadership” being a constant source of inspiration to keep moving ahead. It came about as one of the members of Brad’s personal learning network, Peter DeWitt reached out to him offering him to be a part of Corwin’s Connected Educator series.

In Brad’s words,

“There are great things going on every day in our schools and people need to know about it”

Brad goes on to mention how schools are brimming with activities each and every day and we can let the whole world know about it by integrating technology. Like hooking up a smart TV and connecting the same to a laptop via Chromecast. Also using the social media tools, one can reach out to people to share and collaborate with one and all. Educators were isolated before but technology has resolved and lessened the distance and has brought educators close to each other to harbor an all-around learning experience.

When asked about PLN and its essence, Brad said, “Depending on who you talk, it’s both personal learning network and professional learning network. It’s about leveraging the power of available social media sites, technology and Web 2.0 tools to make yourself a better educator. To share with others, the more you share, the more you reflect.”

Burst of Knowledge Round:

Favorite type of music in teen years?
Brad: Hip hop and R&B music

Q: What blog do you read regularly?
Brad: Eric Sheninger’s blog, Principals Reflections

Q: What podcast you listen to regularly?
Brad: Tony Sinanis and Joe Filippo – podcast on Branding on BAM Radio network.

Q: Something that you are willing to share that, not many people know about you?
Brad: I know how to drive a forklift.

What’s the best piece advice you got early in your career?
Brad: Underreact.

Q: If you are going to be invited for a one and one dinner with somebody who’s currently living, who would you want to meet?
Brad: Michael Jordan

Q: In less than 10 words, how would you define “Success?”
Brad: Passion, Pride and Purpose.

Q: In less than 10 words, how would you define “Failure?”
Brad: Try again, Try again, if doesn’t work, go back to your drawing room and try again.

Q: Two to three words that you dislike in the English language?
Brad: Can’t, won’t, we used to do it like that.

Q: Two to three words you think that has a negative connotation but shouldn’t.
Brad: I think being a kid for whatever reason has a negative connotation, now. I think that people are misinformed about what kids are actually doing in their lives.

Connected Educator I think has a negative connotation still, because it’s still in its infancy. People are still trying to make a sense of it and they don’t understand it and they think people who are connected educators are wasting time on Facebook and Twitter and things along on those lines.

Q: How would you define passion?
Brad: Jumping out of bed when the alarm goes off in the morning, and ready to roll!

You can reach Brad in the following ways:
Website: http://www.bradcurrie.net/
Twitter: @bradmcurrie
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/bradmcurrie

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