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John Spencer is a middle school classroom teacher, teaching computers and photojournalism in Phoenix, Arizona. He is a co-author of “Wendell – The World’s Worst Wizard” and a few other books: “A Sustainable Start” and “Pencil me In”. He is also the co founder of visual writing prompt & creative platform, “Write About”. He describes himself as “Husband. Dad. Teacher. Author. Speaker. Incessant Doodler. Meandering Thinker. Perpetual Bender of Paperclips.”

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Burst of knowledge round:

Q: Craziest business idea you ever heard?
A: Beer and pretzels vending machine.

Q: Favorite game you played as a teenager?
A: Scrabble and Halo!

Q: Favorite quote or saying.
A: “We must use the moment of excited curiosity for the acquisition of wisdom.”

Q: What blog(s) you read regularly?
A: Michael Doyle’s “Science Teacher”, Pernille Ripp, Jose Vilson.

Q: If you have to choose a super power what would that be?
A: Flying.

Q: Favourite movie that you saw in 2014?
A: How to train your Dragon 2.

Q: What’s the best piece of advice you got early in your career?
A: You will never attain perfection.

Q: If you are invited to one-on-one dinner with someone, who would you want to meet?
A: I actually would like to meet Adam Duritz, the lead signer of Counting Crows, I think he would be a fascinating dinner guest.

Q: In less than ten words, how would you define “Success”
A: Not giving up.

Q: In less than ten words, how would you define “Failure”
A: Not trying.

Q: Two or three words that you dislike in English language
A: Rigor, moist and superfluous, cause I never know if I’m saying it right…

Q: Two to three words that you think have a negative connotation and shouldn’t?
A: Fear, memorize and guilt.

Q; Define Passion.
A: Passion is what drives you to do the things that matter.

You can find out more about John in the following ways:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/edrethink
Blog: http://www.educationrethink.com

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