#Cuerockstar Camp – an edtech conference like no other

When Jon Corippo invited me to come to Cue Rockstar camp (which he did live on an interview session that I was recording), I had no idea what I was getting myself into. The whirlwind that struck me on July 5th, beginning with a gathering of the facilitators (aka Lead Learners) the night before the event. I was greeted by the following sight:

If this was an indication of what was to come, I knew I’d be getting little to no sleep the next few days.

One of my first interactions was with these two:

So, Brian Briggs and Ryan O’Donnell‘s awesome new podcast is very entertaining to listen to and episode number 8 recaps the Cue Rockstar experience, with a nice shout out to yours truly.

The day started well, with some fun shenanigans.

As a forewarning, some of my “on the go” tweets had erroneously spelled words. #tweetingoniphone #autocorrect

Before the sessions start, there’s a shred session where the Lead Learners come up and do their thang in front of the attendees – basically a pitch for their session. The rules are simple: one minute, one slide and anything goes.

Here’s Diane Main shredding about here session on doing more with Google Drive.

I had the pleasure of interviewing Diane and she absolutely rocked the interview.

To see what shred session are really like, check out this video made especially by Brian Briggs for day 3:

I did my best to promote some of the sessions. Had fun with a meme-maker.

Once the sessions started, I had the pleasure of bouncing from a session to another. I loved hearing the class management techniques shared by John Eick, especially this one:

It’s so great that the sessions are two hours long with a lot of time for creative play and hands-on learning. I had a good amount of time to hop from one session to another. As I was running around, I ended up leaving my laptop in a classroom with Brian Briggs. Not a good idea:

Some of the highlights of the day were captured:

Lunch was also two hours log and allowed for a lot of fun networking time.

Lunchtime was also punctuated by moments of learning, creating twitter accounts, growing your PLN and more:

And of course, the day ended with dinner out and hanging out with people I met just a few hours ago, although from the photo it seems like we’ve known each other for slightly longer than that:

Other highlights were meeting the youngest of our rockstars:

Along with a detailed explanation of how to say and spell the word, “Poooughh”

All I can say is that after the third day, I had so much in processing to do that my system took 12 hours of sleep to recover. And it was good! #mindwasformallyblown

To learn more about Cue Rockstar, visit the website or check in with Joe Corippo, Danielle Forst (who I also interviewed!) and the other amazing people that work/play here!

Adnan Iftekhar