Create Your Future

I am so inspired by people that tell you take action in such a way that it actually makes you take action. But before we get to that, I have to share a few conversations with people I know that got me primed to take action.

  • I’ve been in a lull with my Google for Education Innovator project. There are a few reasons for this, but I won’t bore you with reasons because ultimately, I haven’t down work because I haven’t done the work. And that is all. No excuses. Just need to do it. So… when I had a conversation with my mentor, Kyle Brumbaugh, last week, I committed to writing once a week about the process that I am going through. Here am I taking that step. More than the commitment to writing, I also felt empowered, we talked about overwhelm and, most importantly, about reflection. Thank you Kyle, I’m glad we had a chance to hash it out. 
  • Presenting at the Roseville EdTechTeam summit this past weekend (led by the most awesome Jeffrey Heil who ALSO inspired and provoked me to come out to Roseville last minute), I met an incredible group of educators. One of them, Valerie Kohler, was in my session titled “Empowered Students: Agency and Voice Through the Lens of Social Emotional Learning” where we went through some EQ exercises and created videos using FlipGrid and Adobe Spark. The Tuesday back, I was tagged her 5th ever tweet:

    She took what she learned, saw and experienced, brought it to her classroom, and, most importantly (at least for me), shared it. That tweet, at the writing of this post got 6 RTs and 37 likes – now for a 5th ever tweet, that’s pretty impressive… But again, taking the learning and applying, then sharing it – that process is what my Google Innovator project is all about and here’s someone who’s applying it, so incredibly well!
    I’ve shared that story with at least a dozen people in the last couple of days. So inspiring!

  •  So, next, I come to Nancy Duarte, who has a TEDx talk titled “The secret structure of great talks”. There are so many great things about this talk, you MUST watch it, and the dessert, the little piece of yumminess right at the end is what actually prompted me to take 20 minutes and write this post is as follows:
  •  This next one is near and dear to my heart and I’m working on a longer blog piece for this. I had the honor, in December, to be invited by my Google Innovator Coach, Jennie Magiera, to the first ever Our Voice Academy. I met some of the most inspiring educators with stories that still bring me to tears. Both joy and sadness. I am still processing all the love, courage, commitment and compassion that I experienced just last month. It seems so long ago and at the same time it feels like I’m there, right now. I’m here, right now. These lovelies have given me a spark that I have not felt in a while… More soon!
Inspired, humbled, excited and ready.

Adnan Iftekhar