What is AI2020?

Simply put, this is a website where I can share my thoughts. I hope to add value, share meaningful content and engage people in fruitful conversation! The web address itself came from me realizing that not too many people would be able to spell out adnaniftekhar (I did buy the domain though!) ai.com was taken and I figured since I do have a vision about this, why not make it hindsightical (I’m a word mangler, see below) and somewhat “perfect”ish – thus the 2020. Also, the year 2020 is coming up fast!

Perfect Vision? Huh?

Well, more like “Vision in Action”. My basic go to mode these days is to put my money where my mouth is. I was talking to my daughter about starting a blog. At that point I did not have a blog (well, not one that I was updating regularly) and came to the realization that I needed to talk less and do more. So, I wrote the first blog post and have been somewhat consistent in my writing since then. I also hired a designer and web developer. You see then eventual result here, but you don’t see the struggle of deciding the domain name, going through the designs, logos, tag lines and the myriad of things that would probably have plagued me for weeks if not months… Listening to the Fizzle Podcast one day  (I don’t remember which episode, sorry) one of the takeaways was, just get yourself out there, put in Good (with an intended capital “g”) content and don’t worry about the details. I listened and launched this site a week later. I’m finding the best way to do something is, simple, to do it. Thank you Nike.

Do it

Who am I?

– I strive, I teach, I learn.
– Technology and Innovation Specialist at the Synapse School.

My current passions include:

  1. Creating opportunities to have a meaningful impact in the lives of young people.
  2. Empowering the youth of today to create, collaborate and communicate in a way that will allow them to solve issues on a global scale.
  3. Re-envisioning the education and assessment models used in “modern” classrooms.
  4. Building a community of entrepreneurs, of all ages, who are able to address global issues.
  5. Redefining the terms learning, educating, teaching, school, success and failure.